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Too Much Content on a Webite

Too Much Content on a Site

Many people do not realize that the reason behind a ton of content on websites is SEO. (Search engine optimization) The more keywords a website has, the higher they rank on Google (some will argue this, as the actual process of Google ranks is quite cryptic.) The following article takes a pretty good tackle on the process.

( )Although SEO is an integral component of a successful website, designers need to be sure that there is a balance between SEO and content. One way this can be done is through keeping the main content on the website and implementing secondary keywords in pdf’s. There are various steps designers need to take to ensure the pdf’s are optimized correctly.

These steps include:

1. Make Sure the PDF is Text-Based

2. Optimize the Content As You Would For a Regular Web Page 

3. Fill in the Document Properties

4. Take Advantage of Tags

5. Make Sure The PDF is Easily Visible 

Reference: Harris, K. “5 Ways to Optimize Your PDF for SEO” Retrieved from

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