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Case For Using Black In Web Design

A good site utilizes design elements such as rhythm, repetition and color to balance the site and to establish a hierarchy. Recently, varying critics argue that black is not an inviting color when it comes to web design. Varying opinions also suggest that black backgrounds make font hard to read.

I will agree that poorly chosen fonts/sizes will not read well on dark backgrounds but I do not agree with the aspect of staying away from black/dark colors on a site.

Black, when used correctly, can be a very grounding and elegant color. It can also inspire an aura of creativity. Also if we look at the color culturally, for Australian Aboriginals black is a color of the people and ceremonial ochre. For the Feng Shui , black represents Yin, water, money, career success, income, stability, emotional protection and power. (Zennand)

It is important to point out that a large majority of people prefer light websites, but the trick to a successful and differentiated black website- is to hire a designer who understands color theory and good design.

Here are some stats on black: “10% of those surveyed said that they always preferred dark backgrounds for websites, while another 36% said that the best choice would depend on the type of website… with such a large percentage of users saying that dark website designs are tolerable and sometimes even preferred, we as web designers have to learn how to create effective dark designs for ourselves and our clients.” (

So, what does a successful black website look like? The answer will vary, depending on cultural differences and personal taste.

For non-designers- check out this article for a summary of why this is a good design as well as tips on how to successfully implement black in a website


Zennand, T. “Colors in Web Design: Choosing a right combination for your Website” Retrieved from:


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